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The information on our site is for educational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. We are not accountants or financial planners. We do not offer investment advice on when, how, or what to invest in. Furthermore, we do not provide broker comparisons.

Our company makes no guarantees or claims, expressed or implied, regarding the accuracy, expected outcomes, or reliability of the materials on this Website or other sites connected to this Website. The earning potentials presented are simply for informative purposes. You will be presented with some of the most extraordinary testimonials in the field, but we cannot guarantee that you will be as successful as these people. The effectiveness of each user's strategy depends on numerous external and internal factors.

Please keep in mind that cryptocurrency CFDs are not authorised in the UK. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the United Kingdom has issued a statement PS 20/10 to place limitations on the selling, advertising, and distribution of CFDs on digital assets. As a result, providers operating outside the UK are unable to offer crypto CFDs to UK investors.

The cryptocurrency market is very volatile, and large price swings can happen at any time. We are not responsible for your financial decisions. You can lose your entire capital! Because you will be completely responsible for everything that happens with your account, you must make the best decisions you can, based on your in-depth market research. Before investing or trading, we strongly advise you to get professional investment advice from a licensed personal account manager.

Affiliate Disclosure

This Affiliate Disclosure is provided for your safety and to clearly disclose any affiliation between us and the affiliate partners. Some of the links on the Website lead to associate partners with whom we conduct business. We may be compensated if you click on an affiliate link in one of our materials.

Any link and activity with a third-party Website is completely your responsibility. We take no responsibility for the information or links on any connected Website. You are highly urged to read and understand the terms and conditions of every third-party Website you visit.

To avoid any doubt, the ability to access our Website does not mean that using our and our partners’ services is illegal under the laws of your country. Trade due diligence!

This document indicates the policy framework for all clients about their most appropriate use of the Bitcoin Superstar.

It is essential to read, assimilate and agree with these terms of use, necessary for our website’s proper operation. After approving the “Terms and Conditions,” users consent to and generate a legally binding “Agreement” to comply with these terms.

You must reckon that the Agreement is the initial and binding policy document for the use of our services.

We implore you to assess all parts of this document judiciously before and during the period of your interaction with us, as it is crucial to your convenient use of our website.

The Bitcoin Superstar shall engage with you per this policy. The use of numerous terms like “we,” “us,” “our” should be interpreted to indicate our own, while “you” represents the user and are used interchangeably, but it has the same meaning. All terms imply the offer, consideration, and approval of payment crucial to begin the process of assisting you most appropriately to satisfy your needs.

Your choice is to decide to use our service or not after reading the Terms and Conditions. If you do not consent to these terms, you do not have permission to utilise our services freely. However, if you use the Bitcoin Superstar, it will be interpreted as an acceptance of our terms.

We have the freedom to revise these terms and conditions without previous notification. You must continuously review the terms of use to be familiar with the licensed system at any period in time.

The Bitcoin Superstar plans to adhere to the formal commands on trading financial services to minors (a person below 18).

We are against minors accessing our services. Such effort is significant because minors are incapable of approving a legal agreement. The Bitcoin Superstar shall not permit our website’s usage to anybody below the minimum age.

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